Product Name: Blood Separation
Rapid Plasma Separation Device

Generally the blood sample analyses require removal of red blood cells from whole blood. Although centrifugation is commonly used for this purpose, such procedures are not suitable for Point-of-Care (POC) instruments. Many POC instruments require free plasma for the test to be conducted. Some devices separate RBC from the whole blood, however, the plasma is available in a matrix only and free plasma is not available for analysis.

mdi Rapid Plasma Separation Device (RPSD) overcomes this problem and makes available plasma from few micro liters to hundreds of micro liters from whole blood in a few minutes.

  Rapid Plasma Separation Device
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     Type Description  
    RPSD-I Meant for Immunological studies with blood plasma  
    RPSD-C Meant for Biochemical/chemical studies with blood plasma  




Whole blood is applied to a filter matrix that separates the RBC. The plasma collects at the distal end of the matrix where it is freed from the matrix by pressing the device. The entire process takes a few minutes. Devices of different sizes can be designed to obtain free plasma up to hundreds of microliters.



Plasma Recovery


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