Filter Validation Services

Our asertain™ filter validation services are specially designed to comprehensively meet international regulatory requirements. These are well supported by stringent Quality Management Systems which include validated test methods and calibrated measuring and testing equipment and auditable data generation, to provide a wide range of validation services to establish functionality, testability and compatibility of the sterilizing grade filters with the drug product.

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Why choose us?

  • We complete our filter validation studies in 6-8 weeks after receiving approvals for protocols and samples
  • Regulatory queries are focused on and are responded with a detailed set of data within the stipulated time
  • Our state of the art labs and technologically efficient staff ensure high accuracy and quality in our work
  • Our PDA membership ensures awareness about the most recent findings and guidelines helping us to keep our protocols and methods up to date
  • Our detailed, structured reports meet various multiple international regulatory requirements and the singular format eliminates the need to perform different studies for submission to different agencies, saving time and effort for both you and us